Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Rugby Striped Curtains

I'm sure what comes to mind as you begin reading this post is how to sew these curtains.  Or maybe how to turn a rugby striped sheet into curtains.  No, these curtains were painted using a Canvas Painters Cloth and some blue paint! For all of you no-sew DIYers, this one's for you!
I know, I know, I could've just bought curtains similar to this.  Trust me, I looked but just couldn't find any I liked that weren't too costly.  I had to weigh my options, money versus time.  Well, seeing as though I like to paint I chose to save my money and use up some of my time. As if I have an abundance of either...
It was quite simple to do.  I purchased the canvas painters cloth from Home Depot.  I knew I wanted the look of two drapes so I purchased the largest drop cloth they had and divided it down the middle.

The verticle tape line is where I cut it down the middle to make it two seperate pieces.  I kept the tape on there when painting so I wouldn't have to use my iron on any painted surface.  (Since it doesn't require sewing you will need an iron to adhere the material.  I'll explain that later)

 Using painters tape I marked straight blocks to give it the large striped look.  Then I painted.

 I have to be honest, it took a lot more paint than I had expected.  Duh, I was painting onto cloth!  Be sure to put something down underneath the drop cloth, it will go through.

Next step,  finish off the edges to give it more of a clean look.   This is where the iron comes into place and the magical "Heat N Bond".

 You will only need to do the sides you cut (if you cut it in half) and the top where you will put your curtain rod through.

This is the back side.  Just place the "Heat N Bond" tape where you want the hem to be.

Fold and iron.

When finishing the top, be sure to leave a loop for the curtain rod.

The time spent and the money saved was well worth it.  I am very happy with the finished product! 


  1. How much did the whole project cost? They look great!

    1. Hey Nate! The paint drop cloth was around 12.00 I think. I cut it in half to make 2 curtains. Then the cost of paint ( I used a small can, not a gallon), tape, and the no sew bonding agent. Prob around 30 total...give or take a few.