Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter Outfits

It's that time...time to start planning our Easter outfits.  Bow ties for the boys?  Pastels?  A hat for me? Well, maybe that's a bit extreme! 

Last year I made Parker and Nolan ties to wear with their pale blue oxfords and plaid shorts.  Nolan had a cute little polka dotted bow tie and Parker had an adorable paisley tie. 

Here are some options I am leaning towards for the boys this year:
Boys' Spring Cadet ShortsBoys' Washed Oxford Shirt

Boys' Seersucker Cadet Shorts    Boys' Washed Oxford Shirt

Boys' Spring Cadet Shorts     Boys' Long Sleeve Poplin Shirt

Boys' Spring Cadet Shorts    Boys' Long Sleeve Poplin Shirt
All found on www.landsend.com

The good things about boys clothes is I can probably find variations of similar shirts and bottoms in lots of different stores and at many different price points. 

What I'm looking at for me:

Emmaleigh dress in Super 120s

Vibrant Lapis Thumbnail 0

I also have some dresses in my closet that I am considering.  I bought a navy dress this past summer while on a girls shopping weekend in Nashville. I am on the hunt for a kelly green cardigan, similar to the one below from www.kohls.com, to go over it! 
SONOMA life + style Slubbed Cardigan

Brandon will go for something like this:

Men's Tailored Fit Pinpoint Buttondown Shirt Men's Wide Stripe Necktie

Men's Tailored Fit Solid No Iron Supima Pinpoint Spread Collar ShirtMen's Silk Churchill Dot Necktie
He's a shirt and tie kinda guy.  Well, actually he's more of a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy but not for church.  I get too trendy on him and he busts out the "Who am I , Ryan Seacrest?" 

The challenge is finding outfits that look like we go together, but that we aren't too matchy-matchy, straight out of a Hannah Anderson catalog.

(Just had to do it... HAHA)

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