Thursday, April 18, 2013

706 Miles To Hilton Head

A friend of mine posted on Facebook about wanting to lose some flab before an upcoming trip.  She wanted to walk 100 miles before she left.  It got my head spinning.  We have our summer vacation planned to go to Hilton Head.  Well, what if we challenged ourselves to walk/run/bike/swim the distance we will travel to get there before our trip.  A way to motivate ourselves to get out of the house as a family and exercise.
I threw the idea out there to Brandon.  Let's just say he wasn't as into the idea as I was.  He's a little better at geography (I hadn't really thought about how many miles it was) than I am so he thought I was a bit crazy.  I had to do some re-evaluating of my plan and came up with this. 
 As a family we will walk/run/bike/swim the distance (and trust me when I say I searched the shortest route), but each person counts.  So, if we go for a 3 mile walk as a family we would count that as 15 miles.  If your wondering how I figure out that answer: 4 people +1 dog =5 people at 3 miles each = 15 miles.  Yes, I am counting the dog! ;)
Is my goal lofty? YES!  But it is totally do-able!  It's a goal people. You're supposed to have to work at it to reach it!  I'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress.  Now, I need to get moving- we've got some running to do.

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