Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Do you ever have those awkward moments while talking with someone and you aren't sure, but you think they are trying to hint something to you...ya know like the "Oh, you got a hair cut!  Are you happy with it?" in which your mind starts racing- Well, I thought I was happy with it but now you have made me so insecure that I don't really know if I am happy with it or not?  Should I be happy with it?  Are you happy with how I look? 
I had a similar conversation the other day.  It wasn't about hair, and they didn't ask me if I liked how I looked, but it was awkward none the less.  I went to ask a woman a question and after looking me up and down she said, "So, I read in a magazine that you should get dressed and then pick out shoes that don't match your outfit at all and wear them.  It's the latest way to pick the shoes for an outfit supposedly"  So, typical me I'm thinking:
A.  She thinks my shoes don't match my outift, which in her mind could be a good thing since according to her magazine was the way to go!!
 B.   She thinks my shoes don't match my outfit and therefore it reminded her of the article she read, but she doesn't agree with the article so she thinks I look ridiculous.
C.  She thinks my shoes do match my outfit, which typically would be a good thing.  But, since she just read that article I am out of style!
D.  A little of all of the above

If you remember from your SAT testing days, if you don't know an answer, odds are the correct one is C.  So, if this holds true with my made up quiz, I need to start mixing up my shoe colors. Here's a little inspiration in case you are in the same boat as me!!     

Sábado chic!! Blusa neutro en seda jeans negros y da el toque eléctrico con zapatos azuleslove the look with the bright color shoe
Pinned Image
love the pop of color shoe with this dress...Pinned Image

Now, if I ever try to get with the times and you see me in something like this...
rainbow colored shoes
            tell me it's wrong no matter what the fashion magazines say!!

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