Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One shirt...endless outfits

Have you seen all of the denim shirts hanging in stores lately?? Well, it just so happens that I purchased one not too long ago!  There are so many ways to wear it.

Chambray with white.
                                Chambray and white Chambray & White Denim

Chambray with colored skinnies.
                             Chambray shirt & colored denim How to Wear a Chambray: 20 Ways

Chambray with pleats.
                                 Pleats and chambray.   chambray + bright pleated skirt

Chambray layered under a cardigan.
                                    chambray layering   chambray

Are you sold yet?  Here are a few of my favorite chambrays on the market if you feel the need for some chambray too!!  Happy shopping!

Petite keeper chambray shirt

Liz Claiborne Long-Sleeve Chambray Shirt

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