Monday, May 6, 2013

Date Night and Being Flexible

Ok, so that blog title sounds totally me it's totally legit.  It was one of those weekends where we had quite a few things planned, but mother nature had something else up her sleeve.  Hence the "being flexible" part.
This month's date night was nothing too out of the ordinary.  Grandma Jahn came over to watch the boys as we headed out for a meal at a steakhouse in Oakland City called Taylor's. 

Because you know, nothing says love quite like a big ol' piece of meat!!

Umm, yeah that's a 20 oz steak.  Needless to say we had enough for lunch and dinner the next day too!
If you are from the area and you've never been, then you should probably go!!  Delicious steak and very reasonable prices...don't mind if I do! 

Our Saturday was supposed to be jam packed with outdoor activities. Unfortunately we weren't able to do any of them because of the rain.  The Chalk Walk was postponed to next weekend, Parker's t-ball game was cancelled and my nephew's baseball game was cancelled as well.
We were however able to hit up the local Home Depot for their monthly Kid's Workshop.  This month's project was an herb planter, but they ran out due to the large turnout. I guess all of Dubois County was there or something because of the rain!  Parker made a battery organizer instead...not sure what he's going to use it for but he was proud of it!

The rest of the day consisted of junk food and lounging-totally ok with me!

Sunday started out bright and early with a ride on The Dinosaur Train.  This was a rain or shine event so unfortunately for us it was a muddy mess.  The rain didn't stop the boys from enjoying their day though!

Hopefully next weekend will be a little warmer and not so wet!


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