Friday, May 31, 2013

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!  Here's my high five with a bonus 6!!  Be sure to check out the other High Fives!

1.  First Holiday World trip of the season!  We had beautiful sunny weather, but the water was freezing!

2.  Parker and Mommy checking out the full moon.

3.  I had a much needed girls night in Louisville.  Waterfront Wednesday and talking until 2 am with a best friend definitely makes the high five list!  Sorry, no pics :(

4.  I think I have a secret blog admirer!  Check out what someone left on my front porch this week...
Brandon's theory is a little more realistic. 
"Audra, I think the neighbor has heard you plotting to cut peonies from her bush so she went ahead and cut some for you so you don't have to commit any felonies to get them."
 Probably so, but who cares why I got them...I got flowers!

5.  The boys turning their playhouse into a tree house!

***I sure hope that was fresh water.  YUCK!***

And just because I can I am going to add a #6 to my list...last night when I was putting Parker to bed he looked at me, gave me a big hug and then said, "Mom, I just love you so much."  It made my heart melt.  Love my boys!!

Have a great weekend!!  I'll be spending mine at Relay for Life and my oldest nephew's graduation party...can't believe he's old enough for college already.

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