Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So I am a big fan of fresh flowers.  I love the spring and summer when the flowers in my yard start to bloom because that means there will be some pretty flowers to decorate my house with.  I especially love it when Brandon brings lilacs from the farm because they smell AMAZING.  I find the best vase for these fresh flowers is a mason jar.  The taller vases I have are just too tall and often times the mouth of the vase is too wide for a small bunch of flowers.

 Check out these beauties...

Are you as pumped as me to get some fresh flowers in your home??



  1. I sure am.. but i am in love with the blue jars!

    1. Hey Reshama!! I know, I love the blue ones too. I painted a couple of mason jars the other night with leftover paint from other projects...can't wait to use them! Have a great weekend!!-Audra

  2. I love fresh flowers! I actually try to treat myself to a cheap (like 3 bucks or less!) bouquet at the grocery store every week during the winter when I can't cut from the garden. Would love to see your painted jars! :)