Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

In my mind, becoming a mother has allowed me to do everything better. 

I can honestly say:

 I became a better teacher when I was able to put myself in the shoes of a parent.  How would I want to hear that my child is struggling in school?  How would I want to be told that my child is having a hard time making friends? How would I want my child disciplined for this behavior?  

I became a better daughter when I was able to think about the relationship I hope to have with my children when they grow up.

I became a better wife because I wanted my children to know they are here because of the love I share with their father.

I became a better housekeeper, well because who wants their kid's paci to hit a dirty floor??

I became better at managing our money because I hope to help my children go to college and make a life for themselves. 

Thank you Parker and Nolan for making me the person I am! 
I hope everyone was able to enjoy Mother's Day, although I'm sure many experience great sadness on this day.  So, for all of those that have lost a mother or are struggling with issues to have a child of your own, you are in my thoughts and prayers!!   

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