Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

Hopefully you and your children have been blessed with some pretty amazing teachers.  Don't forget to show them that you appreciate all that they do for your child.  Here are some cute (and pretty simple) ways to show your child's teacher that you do appreciate the time they spend with your child as well as respect the relationship they have built with your child this school year.

Here's what Parker and Nolan gave to their teachers this year!  They are very fortunate to have had some amazing teachers at their daycare center...The World Needs S'more Teachers Like Them!! 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of the amazing teachers that have made an impact in my life!


  1. Hey there! I am packaging up pretty spring scarves for Connors teachers:) Great ideas!

    The wash of the boyfriend jeans from old navy is loved and worn:)

  2. Great ideas! Thanks for stopping by my post on Inspire Me Please Blog Hop! I'll have a lot of opportunities to make teachers gifts in the coming years so I love seeing new ideas!