Thursday, June 27, 2013

A little emergency room excitement to end the weekend...

As you can see from my posts this week we had a pretty fun and exciting weekend.  It must not have been exciting enough for Parker!  He just had to add a little more thrill to the weekend! 
Saturday evening both kids were in the tub getting ready for bed.  Everything was was washed, feet were scrubbed and I had to tell Nolan to sit at least 15 times.  It was time to get out and start putting the pajamas on.  As Parker went to get out of the tub he slipped and hit his chin on the side of the tub. 
I knew immediately that we were headed to the emergency room! 

We had tears as first, but let me tell you this kid was a trooper!

2 1/2 hours and 4 stitches later he was one proud kiddo!   

I'm hoping this weekend is a little more chill!!

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