Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday!  Here are my high fives for this week.
1.  Went through the kid's closets and removed seasonal and outgrown clothes.
  It feels so good to remove the clothes clutter from their closets!

2.  How could these little Chuck Taylors not be a highlight of the week?!?

3.  We had a mini food kind of day.  Mini Blueberry Muffins (Betty Crocker mix) and Mini Corn Dogs.

4.  My blog was featured on this blog!!!

5. I've started planning some of our activities for our trip to Hilton Head.
In case you were wondering we have completed about 130 miles on our 706 miles to Hilton Head.  We need to start busting a move!

Best wishes for a pleasant weekend.  We'll be cheering on the Wildcats for a win at Semi-State.  GO CATS!



  1. Visiting from link up with Lauren. Those are the cutest little shoes! Have a great weekend.

    1. Hey Amanda! I found them on sale and just couldn't pass them up. Enjoy your weekend!