Friday, June 21, 2013

High five for Friday

Sorry this week was a hit and miss kind of week for the blog.  I was crazy busy getting things ready for our out of town weekend...which if  you were wondering we are having a blast!  Here's my high five for the week.
1. Parker got his very own library card and is pretty excited about it! 

3.  Parker has been asking to have a camp out.  Well, we just couldn't find a weekend soon enough so he decided to "camp out" in his room under the tree I painted for him on his bedroom wall.  I'm sure you can picture my worry when I didn't find him in his bed that look me a while to find him mixed in with all of the stuffed animals and blankets!
Parker loved "camping out" so much that he tried to talk Nolan into it the next night.  Nolan wanted nothing to do with it- he likes his bed too much!
3.  Beautiful flowers blooming in our backyard. 

4.  A couple hours of shopping in Bloomington all by myself. 

5.  A weekend in Indianapolis celebrating our friends Kathryn and Chase's wedding...more photos on the blog next week!
Enjoy your weekend!

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