Monday, June 24, 2013

Shopping, Wedding, Birthday and a trip to the E.R.- NEVER a dull moment

So, as you can imagine from the title my weekend was pretty crazy!  With that being said I have a lot to share with you this week. 
I'll start with the shopping! 
We had plans to leave Thursday late afternoon to head to Indianapolis for a Friday evening wedding.  Brandon found out that he needed to attend a business meeting in Bloomington Thursday morning so I took the opportunity to tag along to Bloomington in the morning and shop while he worked!! 
A plan was made, the kids were dropped off early in the morning and I was ready for some shopping.  The all by myself, no kids to watch and no husband to rush me along type of shopping.  I was psyched! 
Here are a few of my finds:

A pair of flats, a couple of dresses, a fun pair of patterned shorts, curtains, and a few other décor accessories (but I'll wait to show you those when the bedroom is finished) 

There is some sadness to this shopping story.  I found the most beautiful and perfect purse.  It was the most perfect teal color with a cross body strap and short straps for resting on the forearm.  I loved it!  But, when the girl went to scan it she grabbed rather quickly and it pulled the hardware off the strap making the cross body strap detach from the purse on one end.  I went back to look through the purse section again just to see if they had another one...they didn't. 
  I left the store very disappointed because I really really really wanted the purse.  With my shopping morning over, we headed to Indy to spend the next two nights celebrating with friends. I was so excited to see everyone and have a few nights away that I had kind of forgotten about wanting that purse so bad.  Well, I forgot until I was reminded each block in downtown Indy...
I mean seriously it was the same color as the purse.   
Don't worry, I'll get over it. (but in the meantime I will browse the web looking for it)  All in all it was a pretty successful morning of shopping.   
Stay tuned the rest of the week for the recap of all our other weekend craziness!!
Tuesday- Wedding in Indy
Wednesday- Celebrating Nolan's 2nd Birthday
Thursday- Late Night Trip to the E.R.


  1. Cute dresses and curtains! Love your style girl! Where did you get that stuff at? Hope you don't mind me asking. My dad said your mom was at Grandma's auction. Did you go?

    1. Hey Tonya!! I got all of those items at that store! Yes I went to the auction for a little bit. I got some of her china. Take care!!