Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I took the leap

It's summer and like many families we spend quite a bit of time in the water.  I began to notice 2 things with all of the swimming we have been doing. 

 1-The cost of swim diapers really adds up.  There's nothing worse than getting the swim diaper on and the kiddo in the water to only have to change the diaper a few minutes later. 
2-A sagging swim diaper can really irritate a child's skin.  More often than not our diaper wearing kiddo would rather run around the outside of the pool and throw the pool toys in than stay in the water and swim. Which led to our major issue with irritated skin. 

I was speaking to a friend about these issues and she introduced me to The Honest Company's swim diapers.  I went home did some research and placed my order within the hour. 
I was so excited when they arrived at my door a few days later!

So excited that we went straight to our local splash pad to test them out!

So far so good...they were comfortable with no irritation and held you know what!!  They also have them in a more feminine red dot pattern.
Oh yeah, and did I mention that there are no harsh chemicals or materials used in the making of these diapers? These diapers are free of chlorine, phthalates, PVC, finishing treatments and heavy metals. 

By the way, you should probably browse their site to see all of their other natural products.

I took the leap from disposable to reusable! 
 Anyone else want to join me? 

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