Friday, August 30, 2013

High Five For Friday

Have you missed me?  I know, I know-I'm a slacker these days.  I promise to try harder to get some posts finished for  next week.  Here's my high five!
1. Check out who made the front page of the local paper...cover girl!!
2. Nolan conquered the Raging Rapids on our most recent trip to Holiday World.
3.Both kids had their first dentist appointment this week. 
They're loving their new Seng Pediatric Dentistry T-shirts!
4.  Parker and I went for a little cruise with Auntie A and Adi. 
5.  We are super pumped about an empty calendar weekend.  Plus it's a 3 day weekend!
Make it a good one.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Just the other day I was thinking to myself how technically advanced our generation's children are going to be.  Kids these days are iPad, iPhone and tablet wizards.  With this immense knowledge also comes immense risk and responsibility.  The Internet is a scary place.  There are scary people, scary hackers and scary situations everywhere! I often question whether I should allow our lives to be such an open book on our blog.  On the flip side there are a lot of mistakes children and teens can make causing them to be the problem. 
Not only do we need to teach our children how to avoid dangerous situations but we also need to teach them to T.H.I.N.K before they tweet, blog, comment or text.  Heck, I know a few adults that could benefit from this!

T- is it true?
H- is it helpful?
I- is it inspiring?
N- is it necessary
K-is it kind?

Many children have their own devices and are allowed to use them unsupervised.  Do your kids know  to T.H.I.N.K first?

Friday, August 23, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!!  Here's my high five for the week!!

1. Last weekend we had the best weather for August.  It was so nice and cool...perfect for a round of golf.
(pay no attention to my form, I've never had lessons)
2.  Parker is excited to be playing soccer again this year.  He has his first game this weekend.
Go Tigers!

Nolan doesn't want to miss out on the action.

3.  The boys love to have slumber parties in our living room.  They would lay about anywhere as long as they had their sleeping bags.

 4. Looking forward to hanging with a best friend this weekend!  You'll be hearing about the triathlon next week!

5.  And just for fun...

 Did anyone see this little escape artist roaming around downtown Jasper yesterday?  How can this not be a highlight of the week!!

Have a happy weekend! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Challenge

During last week's high five you probably read where a few friends and I are doing a weight loss challenge.  Don't worry participants, I'm not about to post your stats!  I will however share how Brandon and I are doing so far and fill you in one The Challenge.  I found the idea while searching Pinterest.  Duh, everything can be found on Pinterest.  I liked the plan because it seemed like less of a "weight loss challenge" and more of a "be healthy challenge".  There are points awarded for healthy choices as well as bonus points for pounds lost.
Here is week 1:

1 pt: Contact with Teammate

3 pts: 64 oz Water

3 pts: Stop eating before 9 pm

3 pts: 2 Fruit Servings (1/2 cup each)

5 pts: 3 Vegetable Servings

5 pts: No Sweets/Sugary Treats
(Only 6 days a week)

5 pts: Keep a Food Journal

5 pts: 30 min. exerciseOR 
7 pts: 45 min. exercise
(Only 5 days a week)

(205 possible for the week)

10 Points per Pound lost AND 5 points for Maintaining Lowest Weight.

(Each week starting the 2nd week,  one of the healthy habits points is doubled so that you have a healthy focus for the week.  A bit of extra motivation to drink water if you don't or exercise if you claim you don't have the time)

Following the plan of this challenge has forced be to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Not to mention I have given up soft drinks and am drinking enough water to drown in! (I'll be filling you in on our favorite infused waters soon!)  I am feeling much better and lost 4 pounds the first week...Brandon of course lost 9.  I know, so unfair!
If interested in starting a challenge with a group let me know.  I'd be happy to email you the rules and record sheets!

Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five For Friday and Giveaway Winner Announced

1.  I finished my first few days of school.  I've got a great new bunch of first graders!!
2.  The weather here has been so nice that I'm outside blogging this post!  It has been great to get home from work and let the kids play while Brandon grills.  Plus to be able to take nightly walks and not be miserable and sweaty is a bonus!
3.  Some friends and I started an 8 week weight loss challenge, which is more of a lifestyle change than a diet.  I am really enjoying the changes in my diet and am feeling so much better throughout the day.  What a difference eating fresh can make!  If you can believe it, I haven't had a single sip of soda all week...I'm a 32oz diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast kinda girl.  You'll be hearing more about this as I post my progress.
4.  I got my triathlon outfit in the mail this week.  Looking forward to and dreading it at the same time!
5.  And the winner is.....
Thanks to everyone that took the time to comment to win.  Not only were you entering for a chance to win FREE clothes, but it also made me feel special that you took the time to enter and showed interest in my blog.  Anyways, back to the winner- Congratulations "Channingann"!!  Be looking for an email from me soon!
Have a great weekend and hopefully the weather stays as perfect as it was this week. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day

1 down 179 to go!  I had my first day of school yesterday so we counted it as Parker and Nolan's official first day back at daycare, even though they had been going off and on for the past 2 weeks.

Nolan wasn't as thrilled as us about taking pictures so this is about the best I could do...distracted by cartoons and eating oranges!

It's hard to believe that this time next year I'll be sending Parker off to kindergarten.  It goes too fast!
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Monday, August 12, 2013

High Five for Friday...on a Monday

I've had a few people ask me where my High Five posts have been lately and well honestly they are on my computer unfinished...oops, my bad.  I have had every intention of posting a high five these past few weeks but then something has come up that keeps me from sitting down to finish it.  So, I decided to just mix it up a little and give you a High Five for Friday Monday post this week.
1. The tomatoes are growing like crazy in our garden and I've had my share of BLT's.  LOVE them!

2.  School starts for us this Wednesday.  My room is ready for a new bunch of first graders to enjoy.   
3.  I'm having my first ever giveaway.  In case you couldn't tell I am so excited about it.  Interested in winning a $25.00 gift certificate to Single Thread Boutique?  Go HERE to see how.  Giveaway closes this Thursday.  The winner will be announced on Friday!
4.  If you follow me on instagram you might have seen the picture of my husband's ridiculous collection of hats.  If not here you go:
Does he really need 11 different camo hats??? (I didn't even go to his hunting closet so there could've been even more!)
 I've been cleaning and organizing closets and found all of those hats stashed on a shelf in our bedroom closet. (with the exception of a few he had hung from door knobs and the lamp on his side of the bed)  I put my foot down and made him get rid of a few.  I mean seriously, the one he wore in college that I'm pretty sure had mold growing on it had to go!! He agreed and chose 4 to get rid steps I guess! 
5.  I am excited about a new project I am currently working on with Jenna from, Melissa from, and Kim from  We are ready to start picking dates for a Holiday Link Up Party that we will be hosting soon!! 
Have a good week and don't forget to comment to win for the Single Thread giveaway!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's time to get back on track

As we move into another school year, it's time this household gets their act together.  That includes planning our evening dinners.  I have found that planning our meals 2 weeks out helps us to stay more organized at home with food also saves me the trouble of standing in front of the fridge staring at too many or too little choices. 
I found these printables a few years ago and created this binder to help us stay on track. 

On a side note-I find the best time to plan your meals is while watching Extreme Weight Loss.  Hearing Chris Powell tell a contestant that he allows 1 day a week of rewarding himself with a handful of tortilla chips will make you rethink Taco Tuesday as a healthy meal therefore motivating you to plan healthier meals. 

Anyways, back to printable meal's a few that I thought you would like:

several different planning choices as well as daily cookbook page tags (for those of us who plan a meal and then can't remember which cookbook it was in)

I bet you're as excited as me to start planning your family's meals.  Hmmm, maybe I should start a link up of weekly meal plans to help when we get in a cooking rut?!? 

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

There's just something about the colors and decor of our local German festival that make me happy. Unfortunately it's time to put the decorations away.  But on a high note it won't be long until we start displaying mums and pumpkins!
Whether you were rolling out the barrels, sporting a dirndl, or eating a brat there was fun to be had!  Until next year!
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My First Giveaway!!

Do you remember my post a few weeks ago where I showed you the different outfits I tried on at Single Thread Boutique as I was getting ready for our vacation?  Then did you notice me wearing the outfits in my vacation post?  If not then you need to check them out here and here!  And guess what?!?  Single Thread was excited about the positive feedback from my blog post that they gave me a $25.00 gift certificate to give to one of my readers!!  How exciting is that...can I call myself a legit blogger now???
Anyways, here is how this Single Thread giveaway is going to work.  All you have to do is visit their website and then comment below with your favorite item.  Don't forget to include your email address so I can contact you if you are the big winner!!  Step 1:  go here and browse their site.  Step 2:  comment below with your favorite item.  Be sure to comment below, not on my Facebook post!  Also, don't forget your email address!!
If I won I'd probably buy this, or this, or this, and maybe this!
Ugh, I wish I could win...but I can't so best of luck to you!!  Hurry up, this giveaway will close Thursday, August 15th.  The winner will be announced Friday the 16th!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to reality

I've been a little hit and miss these last few weeks when it comes to the blog.  First, we were getting ready for vacation.  Then, we were on vacation.  Now, I'm trying to get everything back in order and back to reality as school will be starting in just a couple of weeks.  Geez, this summer went fast! 
We did have a great summer and our vacation went well also!  The kids were troopers through the 12 hour drive.  The cottage we stayed in was perfect for our family of 4 as well as my parents.  And Hilton Head Island itself is nothing to complain about.  Here are a few pictures from our vacation!

Such a great time...can't wait for next year's vacation!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Double Edged Sword

If you've ever been to the beaches of Hilton Head Island you would notice that the water is not crystal clear or even blue for that matter.  It is more of a grey color.  This can be explained by the large number of plankton, making this water full of nutrients and life.  So that's where the double edged sword comes in....the grey toned waters are very full of ocean life, but the grey toned waters make it impossible to see the ocean life as it swims around you!

Brandon and I went on a kayaking excursion off the shore of The old Oyster Factory.  (sorry no pics from out on the kayaks).  As we were kayaking Brandon had a dolphin pop out of the water within 10 feet of him.  We couldn't see it until it's fin popped out from the water.

When the tide was out, Parker was able to sit a few feet in the water and find sand dollars.  He probably found 24 of them in one sitting.
Or how about the fact that we were swimming with baby sharks!! 
And then there were the jellyfish...

All of these stings were caused at one time.  Parker was either wrapped up on a jellyfish or got mixed in with a school/pod of them! 
FYI to parents-TAKE VINEGAR TO THE BEACH WITH takes the sting out!!
Luckily the jellyfish incident happened on our last day there so it didn't ruin it for him.  He's ready to go back to the beach again he says!