Thursday, August 1, 2013

Double Edged Sword

If you've ever been to the beaches of Hilton Head Island you would notice that the water is not crystal clear or even blue for that matter.  It is more of a grey color.  This can be explained by the large number of plankton, making this water full of nutrients and life.  So that's where the double edged sword comes in....the grey toned waters are very full of ocean life, but the grey toned waters make it impossible to see the ocean life as it swims around you!

Brandon and I went on a kayaking excursion off the shore of The old Oyster Factory.  (sorry no pics from out on the kayaks).  As we were kayaking Brandon had a dolphin pop out of the water within 10 feet of him.  We couldn't see it until it's fin popped out from the water.

When the tide was out, Parker was able to sit a few feet in the water and find sand dollars.  He probably found 24 of them in one sitting.
Or how about the fact that we were swimming with baby sharks!! 
And then there were the jellyfish...

All of these stings were caused at one time.  Parker was either wrapped up on a jellyfish or got mixed in with a school/pod of them! 
FYI to parents-TAKE VINEGAR TO THE BEACH WITH takes the sting out!!
Luckily the jellyfish incident happened on our last day there so it didn't ruin it for him.  He's ready to go back to the beach again he says!


  1. poor baby!!!!! i've never seen jelly fish stings that bad!!

  2. I know! On day 6 it started to get worse...itching and he swelled up. Took him to the dr, turns out he's allergic to jelly fish!

  3. Oh my word! Poor guy! Definitely not as cool as having stitches!!

    1. Haha, he's def not loving this as much as the stitches!