Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Challenge

During last week's high five you probably read where a few friends and I are doing a weight loss challenge.  Don't worry participants, I'm not about to post your stats!  I will however share how Brandon and I are doing so far and fill you in one The Challenge.  I found the idea while searching Pinterest.  Duh, everything can be found on Pinterest.  I liked the plan because it seemed like less of a "weight loss challenge" and more of a "be healthy challenge".  There are points awarded for healthy choices as well as bonus points for pounds lost.
Here is week 1:

1 pt: Contact with Teammate

3 pts: 64 oz Water

3 pts: Stop eating before 9 pm

3 pts: 2 Fruit Servings (1/2 cup each)

5 pts: 3 Vegetable Servings

5 pts: No Sweets/Sugary Treats
(Only 6 days a week)

5 pts: Keep a Food Journal

5 pts: 30 min. exerciseOR 
7 pts: 45 min. exercise
(Only 5 days a week)

(205 possible for the week)

10 Points per Pound lost AND 5 points for Maintaining Lowest Weight.

(Each week starting the 2nd week,  one of the healthy habits points is doubled so that you have a healthy focus for the week.  A bit of extra motivation to drink water if you don't or exercise if you claim you don't have the time)

Following the plan of this challenge has forced be to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Not to mention I have given up soft drinks and am drinking enough water to drown in! (I'll be filling you in on our favorite infused waters soon!)  I am feeling much better and lost 4 pounds the first week...Brandon of course lost 9.  I know, so unfair!
If interested in starting a challenge with a group let me know.  I'd be happy to email you the rules and record sheets!

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