Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Bucket List

Anyone else as pumped for fall as we are?
There's nothing about fall that we don't love. Ok, so maybe we don't love raking the leaves off the back porch..but besides that, we love it!  We are looking forward to crossing things off our fall bucket list.  What are you looking forward to this fall?


Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday

There's a lot going on in our household these days...but with all the added happenings we've kind of slowed down on the fun activities.  In other words, we have been busy with keeping the house tidy and making arrangements for the future house that we have become "boring".  Anyways, here's some highlights from the week.

1.  We are loving this fall weather.  In the evenings we have been going for walks or just getting outside to run around for a little bit.  You can't beat having the AC off and the windows open.

2. What better way to protect your food from your dog than to lock yourself in the dog cage with the dog on the outside?
Ok, so my dog really doesn't have crazy alien eyes...I swear!

3. Parker perfected his chop stick skills!

4.  I am super pumped for my upcoming link party.  
Myself, and 3 other bloggers will be hosting the link up...all you bloggers out there feel free to join the fun!  Take some pics of your cute fall display to post on October 3rd.  The four hosting bloggers have decided to highlight a second hand or re-purposed item in our fall displays.  Nothing like an item from a previous pinterest fail used in a different way!!  

5.  We went out to dinner with the in-laws for a late birthday celebration. 
Gotta love a good serenade in a sombrero and free fried ice cream!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Lots of new things going on in our neck of the woods.  Our house went on the market Friday morning.  It's an exciting time for us, but also very bittersweet.
Saturday's weather couldn't have been better for a family tailgate at the IU game. 

This was the boy's first college football game.  They loved it. 
We hope you were able to cherish some memories from the weekend.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Carpet Crush

The other day I found myself browsing carpeted stairways on houzz.  I'm totally digging patterned carpet runners down a staircase!

Just a little something extra to a typically beige and boring norm!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A visit to the dentist

If you keep telling yourself that you, "really need to get your kids into the dentist" but you just keep putting it off...put it off no longer!! 
Don't be afraid that your little one won't sit through the checkup and it will just be a waste of time.  That is exactly what was going through my mind when I made the phone call to Seng Pediatric Dentistry.   But I was wrong.   There's a reason why he's called a pediatric dentist.  From the iPads in the waiting room, the TVs mounted on the ceiling above the exam chair to the cool "superman vitamins"  aka fluoride Dr. Nate puts on their teeth your child will be amused and ready for their cleaning.   

I think he would have sat their all day if he could...the shades and headphones were a huge hit while watching the movie on the ceiling!

Nolan was also a trooper during his exam!  He was given a lap exam so I was unable to get any shots of him.  Don't worry, he'll be back in 6 months so I'll be sure to get some then!! 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!!  We are looking forward to the jam packed weekend ahead of us.  Here are the highlights of this past week!
1.  Parker got a set of golf clubs from his cousin Jaxon and couldn't wait to test them out.

(I just had to get a close up of the tongue...Nolan sticks it out when he does anything sports related)

2.  Parker and I went to Holiday World by ourselves last weekend while Brandon spent some quality time with Nolan.  We had a good time going on the bigger rides.  I wish I had a picture of Parker's face on The Mammoth!

3. Brandon is in full training mode for the marathon he will run in Nashville.  Yes, he is doing a FULL marathon.  Yes, he is aware that it's 26.2 miles.  I'm still debating whether I will join him for the half marathon event. 

4.  The women's volleyball league that I sub for started back up again.  It's always fun getting out and playing a little competitive v-ball!

5.  One of my readers liked The Challenge and decided to start a group.  She has 16 participants!  How exciting!!  Good luck to them all.

And here's a little bonus #6 for the week.  Can't really say it's a highlight of the week, but it sure did make it a bit more interesting...
In case you can't tell, it's a baby snake that was found in my classroom this week.  Can any snake experts identify it?  Also, should I be concerned there's a mommy snake not too far away?!?!?

Have a safe and happy weekend!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Clean Eating

In an attempt to make the most out of The Challenge, Brandon and I have been eating clean.
For those of you who aren't really sure what eating clean means...basically it is eating foods in their most natural state.  It's less about dieting and more about avoiding processed foods, foods with loads of preservatives, foods with lots of added sugar, and foods with high levels of bad fats (some saturated fats/all trans fats).  You want to avoid foods that have been stripped of their nutritional value and/or have been injected with large amounts of chemicals that you can't pronounce. 
If you are wanting to go a little cleaner with your diet here is some information that I found helpful.
Now, let's be real here.  We aren't eating clean 100%.  But the gradual changes we have made really make a difference in how we feel.  I can tell a difference on days that I don't eat as well.  And just so you know-greasy fast food doesn't even taste that good anymore!  

As you make your grocery list filled with clean foods take into account the chemicals used on your produce.  
Try avoiding the dirty dozen...or at least go for the organic version. 
 If you have any clean eating tips I'd love to hear about them. 
Have a clean day-

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


If you're a friend of mine on facebook you are probably aware of the fact that my friend Megan and I competed  (participated is probably a better word since we were not out for a win) in a sprint triathlon a few weekends ago.  This was our first event in what we called our adventurous chapter in life. 
 I have to say that I have a whole new respect for triathletes.  It was hard folks!  The bike leg of the race was by far my weakest area.
 Anyways, here are some pictures from the event. 
Meg and I before.

All hooked up and ready to start.

Yikes, I'm looking pretty rough.

We survived!

Hmmm, what are we going to conquer next??