Monday, September 9, 2013

A visit to the dentist

If you keep telling yourself that you, "really need to get your kids into the dentist" but you just keep putting it off...put it off no longer!! 
Don't be afraid that your little one won't sit through the checkup and it will just be a waste of time.  That is exactly what was going through my mind when I made the phone call to Seng Pediatric Dentistry.   But I was wrong.   There's a reason why he's called a pediatric dentist.  From the iPads in the waiting room, the TVs mounted on the ceiling above the exam chair to the cool "superman vitamins"  aka fluoride Dr. Nate puts on their teeth your child will be amused and ready for their cleaning.   

I think he would have sat their all day if he could...the shades and headphones were a huge hit while watching the movie on the ceiling!

Nolan was also a trooper during his exam!  He was given a lap exam so I was unable to get any shots of him.  Don't worry, he'll be back in 6 months so I'll be sure to get some then!! 


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