Thursday, September 5, 2013

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!!  We are looking forward to the jam packed weekend ahead of us.  Here are the highlights of this past week!
1.  Parker got a set of golf clubs from his cousin Jaxon and couldn't wait to test them out.

(I just had to get a close up of the tongue...Nolan sticks it out when he does anything sports related)

2.  Parker and I went to Holiday World by ourselves last weekend while Brandon spent some quality time with Nolan.  We had a good time going on the bigger rides.  I wish I had a picture of Parker's face on The Mammoth!

3. Brandon is in full training mode for the marathon he will run in Nashville.  Yes, he is doing a FULL marathon.  Yes, he is aware that it's 26.2 miles.  I'm still debating whether I will join him for the half marathon event. 

4.  The women's volleyball league that I sub for started back up again.  It's always fun getting out and playing a little competitive v-ball!

5.  One of my readers liked The Challenge and decided to start a group.  She has 16 participants!  How exciting!!  Good luck to them all.

And here's a little bonus #6 for the week.  Can't really say it's a highlight of the week, but it sure did make it a bit more interesting...
In case you can't tell, it's a baby snake that was found in my classroom this week.  Can any snake experts identify it?  Also, should I be concerned there's a mommy snake not too far away?!?!?

Have a safe and happy weekend!!


  1. WOW good luck to Brandon. 26.2 miles?!?! I am tired just thinking about that.

  2. Expert Jim Freihaut says the mama is long gone. They lay eggs and leave before the eggs hatch. Snake is not poisonous. Maybe a rat snake. Probably crawled in when doors were being held open.

  3. I teach, too...and if I found a snake in my classroom I would be relocating instruction for a while. That is actually kind of scary, because for me (I teach little ones) they are always reaching in manipulative bins, book bins, etc. Hopefully that is the only one!

  4. Oh boy! Snakes are not my thing, but I'd much rather find a small snake than a big spider! ;)

  5. LOVE the golf club photos! We are a big golfing family - my husband is OBSESSED. Our son has his own little set, too - and there is noting cuter than seeing them out there together! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Miranda :)