Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday

There's a lot going on in our household these days...but with all the added happenings we've kind of slowed down on the fun activities.  In other words, we have been busy with keeping the house tidy and making arrangements for the future house that we have become "boring".  Anyways, here's some highlights from the week.

1.  We are loving this fall weather.  In the evenings we have been going for walks or just getting outside to run around for a little bit.  You can't beat having the AC off and the windows open.

2. What better way to protect your food from your dog than to lock yourself in the dog cage with the dog on the outside?
Ok, so my dog really doesn't have crazy alien eyes...I swear!

3. Parker perfected his chop stick skills!

4.  I am super pumped for my upcoming link party.  
Myself, and 3 other bloggers will be hosting the link up...all you bloggers out there feel free to join the fun!  Take some pics of your cute fall display to post on October 3rd.  The four hosting bloggers have decided to highlight a second hand or re-purposed item in our fall displays.  Nothing like an item from a previous pinterest fail used in a different way!!  

5.  We went out to dinner with the in-laws for a late birthday celebration. 
Gotta love a good serenade in a sombrero and free fried ice cream!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm excited for the link party too Audra! Ugh, I totally remember the house selling days...they were rough with the kids and pets running around! Hopefully it'll be quick stage! :)
    ps- LOVE the cage pic- I miss the days when my kids were that small and all their cute antics!