Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring, are you out there??? Part 1

We had a few days of springness, then mother nature did a switcharoo on us and we're right back where we started-WINTER!!  I've had about enough of this snow and ice.  Seriously, it's March!  Ugh, I'm ready for spring and for some spring shopping.  Here's part 1 my shopping list for Spring 2014:

I've seen on several Spring 2014 lists that Gladiator's will be in full swing.  I can't see myself in the full-fledged gladiators-
(more power to ya if you can pull them off...just not me)

But, the shorter, ankle version gladiators might find themselves in my closet.

Will you be shopping for gladiators this season?  Full or short style?

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