Monday, May 26, 2014

Long Time No Post and a Bachelorette Recap

It's been a while. Life has been pretty busy lately.  The blog is a release for me...not a job or a chore.  I always said, if ever my life was hectic or stressful I didn't want to feel like I had to find the time to blog.  With that being said, I'm ready to relieve some stress and ready to get back to the blogging world.  Heck, the dishes can wait as can the dirty laundry!

I thought I'd add a little fun to the blog by doing a weekly Bachelorette recap.  I was not a huge fan of Andi during Juan's season.   But I'm totally in to letting her win me over as she searches once again for her possible soul mate!

So the season opener begins with the introduction of all the suitors.  Am I the only one that was not at all impressed with the guys as a whole?!?  Maybe it was the nerves, but maybe not!  Let's get right to's my breakdown of the 25 men.  I know I'm a little late on last week's recap but I figure this will give you a complete refresher before tonight's episode!

Andrew-30, Social Media Marketer
First thing I think of when I see him is Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek aka Joshua Jackson.
Oh, c'mon tell me you see it too!

Bradley-32, Opera Singer
Not much to say about this guy.

Brett-29, Hairstylist
If you didn't watch the show, he tried his hardest to make a lasting impression by giving her a lamp from his hotel room.
No joke, a floor lamp!

Brian-27, Basketball Coach
Didn't really leave a lasting impression with me.

Carl-30, Firefighter
I don't even remember seeing him on the show...

Chris-32, Farmer
Now that's a farmer that partakes in teeth whitening!  He's a lot cuter than this pic shows him to be.
Yeah, that's better!

Cody-28, Personal Trainer
This guy is straight up Sean Lowe
meets Jersey Shore
meets the baby from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  I know you totally see the resemblance!
Either way, I'm not sure he really meshes with an Assistant District Attorney.

Craig-29, Tax Accountant

Dylan-26, Accountant
(No, she's not pushing him away.  He's just taking a step back to take it all in!!)
I really like him.  He was super nervous which made his introduction seem sweet and not so choreographed.

Emil-33, Helicopter Pilot
Emil didn't steal a hotel lamp to get Andi's attention but his introduction will certainly never be forgotten.
  "Hi, I'm Emil. Pronounced like anal with an "m"."  

Eric-31, Explorer
I just have to say watching the show must have been incredibly difficult for Eric's family and friends.  Since taping of the show, Eric passed away.

Jason-35, Urgent Care Physician
No comment.

JJ-30, Pantsapreneur
We definitely had to rewind the DVR to make sure we read that correctly.  Yes, it sure does say he's a pantsapreneur.  What is that?!?  I mean, he didn't invent the idea of pants...isn't clothing designer a term used anymore?

Josh B.-29, Telecommunication Marketer
The only impression he made with me was that be was a total baby when he was sent home.  We get it, you're embarrassed cause your friends talked you into putting yourself out there and you made a fool of yourself by getting the boot on the first night...just walk away gracefully!

Josh M.-29, Former Pro Baseball Player
He's a keeper!

Marcus-25, Sports Medicine Manager
There's been lots of hype about Marcus...we"ll see!

Marquel-26, Sponsorship Salesman
Yes, they are toasting with milk.  Marquel knows his milk and cookies!

Mike-29, Bartender

Nick S.-27, Pro Golfer
Guy shows up on golf cart instead of limo to say he's a pro golfer..blah blah blah.

Nick V.-33, Software Sales Executive
Andi must've seen something in this one...Nick V. received the first impression rose!

Patrick-29, Advertising Executive
Claims he plays soccer but he's nothing like the last soccer player she dated...let's hope not!

Ron-28, Beverage Sales Manager

Rudie-31, Attorney
Rudie thought they'd be a match since they share a career path.  Andi obviously didn't feel the same.  She sent him packing!  The only thing I saw was his resemblance to Mark Ruffalo.
This season is full of look alikes!

Steven -30, Snowboard Product Developer

Tasos-30, Wedding Event Coordinator
Tasos came out of the gates strong with a recreation of the "Lover's Bridge".

At the end of the night Andi said farewell to Emil, Mike, Josh B. Steven, Rudie and Jason.
Oh yeah, and Chris Bukowski from Emily Maynard's Season.
Creepy Chris claims to have been waiting there for like 7 days because he wasn't certain when taping would begin.  She didn't even give him the chance to enter the mansion.  Good decision, Andi! I'm starting to like you more and more!

Can't wait for tonight's drama-