Friday, June 13, 2014

Normal Schnormal

Do you know the name of the 2014 Miss USA pageant winner?  No, me either!   But I can tell you the name of the contestant from Indiana because she is what the buzz is all about. 
Believe it or not Miss Indiana's, Mekayla Diehl is all over the web with praise for having what some call a "normal" body.  Some have even gone as far as to praise her for
bringing a "thicker" figure to the competition. 
 I don't usually get all opinionated or at least share my opinion too loudly,
but this is really rubbing me the wrong way.
Let me start by saying that I think she looks amazing.  She's beautiful and has a nice athletic build. She may be a little bit bigger than her Miss USA peers but I think it's a little unfair to call her body type "normal".   
How about smokin' hot?  Beautiful?  Confident?  
The average woman wears a size 14.  Miss Indiana rocks a size 4!  I'd say her body is definitely not normal and rather above average!  Now, I'm sure no one is calling her thick as an insult, but let's be real...why do we have to categorize every body.
"She's skinny so she must have an eating disorder."   Is it fair to say that all of the other "super skinny" contestants starved themselves or are unhealthy?  Are we going to hate on all of the other ladies that you say are "skin hanging on bones"?  I  don't know about you, but I have some very thin friends who eat  chow down and don't have to worry about working it off.  (I know, it's not fair)
"Geez, she's pretty big.  I can't imagine allowing myself to be so unhealthy."  On the opposite spectrum I have some friends who eat healthy foods and exercise regularly
but don't have the perfect body to show for it.  
It is what it is.  
All I have to say is if I looked like Miss Indiana and any of you critics called my body "normal" I'd be throwing some punches!
OK, probably not... I've never been a fighter!  


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