Sunday, January 18, 2015

DIY Continent Mural

Anyone else love weekends with no plans?!?  They don't happen very often around here but when they do you better believe we'll be crossing things off our to do list.  
We've lived in our new house for several months now and adding a focal point to Nolan's headboard wall has been on my mind almost the whole time.  
Yep, you've got it.  Big. Blank. Wall.  
I guess you could consider Nolan's room to be the nursery.  He's still in the toddler bed that converts back to a crib.  We went with a neutral themed room that we've used with both boys. 
Basically recreated the same room here in this house.  
Cream and brown safari animal themed.  

With the safari theme in mind, I knew I wanted to incorporate travel into the accent wall.  I decided to go with the continents painted in a homemade chocolate brown chalk paint. 
(I'm a huge fan of DIY chalk paint.)
I started by making a transparency of the continents.  I just googled an image of the continents and printed it onto transparency film. (Yes, I own a projector.  Doesn't everyone??)
I then traced it onto the wall using a piece of white chalk.  (It's easy to clean up the lines when you're finished painting)
Using a large craft brush I then started painting right inside the borders.  
Once all of the borders were painted I used a regular paint brush to fill in the rest.  
It took two coats to cover completely.
(That's a safari animal wooden mobile hanging in the corner...not painted on the wall)

I love the way it turned out. 

I can't wait for my next no plans weekend...Parker's room probably needs a little something extra!

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