Thursday, March 31, 2016

Friend or Foe??? I haven't decided yet!

Nothing says friendship like vandalizing decorating a friend's yard. Case and point Christmas 2015.  We came home from a family Christmas party to find our house looking very...shall I say, festive?

Don't Jace and Jenelle look so proud next to their masterpiece?!?
You can't really see all the damage, but Christmas blow ups, crepe paper trees, stars and candy canes lining the driveway and wrapping papered and bowed garage was magical!  

(poor guy was a mixture of emotions about it) 
First, he wanted to call the police.  
Then, he felt that we should teepee them in retaliation
Last, he wanted take it down immediately because he didn't want people to think I actually decorated that way.

Now, fast forward to Easter 2016.  

Jace decided to sit this one out so Jenelle found reinforcements in Dana and Nikki.  

Thanks for the laugh guys, but you know what they say about paybacks...

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