Monday, March 28, 2016

It's that time

The time has come.  Two baseball practice schedules in hand.  Jotting down activities and camp schedules in the calendar.  Trying to schedule family vacations.    This time of year hits me like a ton of bricks and I often think to do families with 3, 4, or more kids manage?  How do they work full time jobs, get their kids where they need to be, feed them and still find time to breathe all while having their own life and schedule?  

Here's to all you parents out there:

doing extra loads of laundry to keep up with practice uniforms.

coaching each of your children's teams and giving them your all.

spending more time at the ball field than you do in your own home.

getting home from practice past your kids bed time...then having to do homework...then bath time.

juggling busy work schedules AND activity schedules.

missing one kid's game to be at another because how can you possibly be at two places at one time?? 

eating burgers and hotdogs multiple nights a week.  (consider yourself lucky if your local ball field sells grilled chicken sandwiches!!)

treading water just to keep your head afloat.

I feel your pain...stay strong!  

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